Make Your Huge Dreams Tiny

A box is a nice metaphor to remember how to realise your dreams. Make your dreams tiny. Squeeze them into this tiny box.

Whatever dream or a mission you’re working towards, it’s easy to see how productivity drops when you take the first steps.

If you know what I mean, today’s tip will help you move forward with ease.

Squeeze a dream into a tiny box

When you imagine what you want in life, I invite you to take that dream and make it tiny.

Let’s say you want to combat climate change. That’s your dream. Great. Now, let’s make this huge dream tiny.

The tiny version of “Combat climate change” is a blog that explains the problems behind climate change simply.

Why it works

The trick here is to get first tiny successes. (Just imagine how it feels when you’ve made it and have a blog ready for readers – you’ve made your mark).

When you get small wins, you learn the process. All you learn you can repeat for bigger goals.


What kind of dream do you strive for? Make it tiny. Make it happen.

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