Making Your Inner Critic Happy

TinyMove cat
A grumpy cat is a nice metaphor to remember that your self-talk is judgmental. Questioning your self-talk will make you feel better.

When you enter an entrepreneurial lifestyle, you have the meanest boss ever — your inner critic.

Have you ever felt like there’s a grumpy cat inside judging your actions? If so, read on, and we’ll find a quick fix.

Feed the grumpy cat

When you notice your self-talk being negative and making you sad, take a moment to ask yourself: “Is it always true?”

Let’s take an example. A grumpy cat says: “You didn’t get a client, again! You always fail.”

In that exact moment, you say to yourself: “Is it always true? Do I always fail?” Now, watch yourself starting to think.

Why it works

Most likely a grumpy cat wants some attention. When you give her what she wants (attention), she is calm again.

Your turn

Is it always true?

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