Freeze Your Entrepreneurial Ideas to Stay Sane

A fridge is a nice metaphor to remember how to manage ideas that come to your mind. Save ideas for later.

When you enter an entrepreneurial lifestyle, you soon realise that your mind can be overloading. Thinking all the time…

If it sounds familiar, try out this fun exercise right now.

Freeze your ideas for later

Every time you get an idea for a task you want to do, for an event you want to go to or a book you want to read, write it down.

When you write, imagine a fridge. When you write, you’re locking your ideas in this fridge.

How it works

Here are two ways to write your ideas down:

+ If you love paper, get a cheap paper notebook.

+ If you feel geeky, stick with a phone. Look for one of these apps: Workflowy, Google Keep, Evernote, One Note.

Pick one place to write ideas down and stick with it.


Got an idea? Think of a fridge. Freeze your ideas for later. Write ideas down.

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